Bretton Woods Alpine Snow Conditions Bretton Woods Snow Conditions en-us Bretton Woods Alpine Snow Conditions Snow Conditions <p class="terrainIntro"> <b>Last updated For Monday, March 30, 2015 as of 1:00 on Sunday </b><br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Trail Count:</span> &nbsp; 62 of 62 trails are open<br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Trail Acreage:</span> &nbsp; 461 acres &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 100 % &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25 miles<br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Glade Count:</span> &nbsp; 33 of 35 grades are open<br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Glade Acreage:</span> &nbsp; 120.5 acres&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 98 %&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 9 miles<br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Total Acreage:</span> &nbsp; 461 acres&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 99 %&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 34 miles <br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Lifts Open:</span> &nbsp; 5 of 10 total lifts<br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Snow Conditions:</span> &nbsp; Loose Granular <br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Snowfall - recent:</span> &nbsp; <br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Snowfall - season-to-date:</span> &nbsp; 172" <br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Base Depth:</span> &nbsp; 24" - 42" <br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Snowmaking:</span> &nbsp; No <br /> <span class="eclubFormEmail">Grooming:</span> &nbsp; Yes </p> <p class="terrainIntro"><span class="eclubFormEmail">Lift Hours:</span> &nbsp; 9am - 4pm wkdays; 8am - 4pm wkends </p> <p class="terrainIntro"><span class="eclubFormEmail">Night Skiing:</span> &nbsp; Concluded for the season </p> <p><span class="eclubFormEmail">Current Weather:</span> &nbsp; Sunny skies with a base temp of 30 degrees and 20 degrees at the summit. </p> <p><span class="eclubFormEmail">Weather Forecast:</span> &nbsp; Snow showers may mix with a little rain Monday morning tapering off in the afternoon. Temps in the high 20s to mid 30s. </p> <p><span class="eclubFormEmail">Wind is not a factor at Bretton Woods! Wind has affected lift operation only 10 out of 5361 days.</span></p> <p><span class="eclubFormEmail">Terrain Parks:</span> &nbsp; Midway Terrain Park is open with two sweet jumps and a slew of rails and boxes and so is Coos Park with lots of large jumps and rails. The Toy Box, located on the Rosebrook Meadow Trail, is now open with terrain-based learning features including banked turns, rollers, and a mini pipe. </p> <p><span class="eclubFormEmail">Comments:</span> &nbsp; Monday will be a good skiing day with snow showers and temps starting in the teens and moving into the thirties in the afternoon. We've still got 100% of our trails and 98% of our glades available with over 460 acres of open terrain - the most in NH! First chair spins at 9am taking you to miles and miles of fresh corduroy laid down by our groomers on over 45 trails. We are still loaded to the rafters with snow. Spring Rates begin tomorrow, 3/30 - Sunday, 4/5 as follows: Adults/Teens - $49; Juniors - $43; and Seniors - $25. From Monday, 4/6 until closing, ticket rates will be $29 for Adults, Teens, and Juniors and $25 for Seniors. </p> <p><span class="eclubFormEmail">Dining and Events:</span> &nbsp; Lucy Crawford’s Food Court (8am -4pm), Slopeside Pub (11am - 4pm) offering thirst quenchers. Food may be carried up from the Food Court. On the mountain, warm up and refuel at our cozy Stickney Cabin in the Stickney Glade area. Easter Sunday, 04/05/15, the Great Bretton Woods Egg Hunt at 8am and at 12 noon. 4/20 - Patriot's Day Special - with lift tickets at $17.76 for all ages. </p> Sun, 29 Mar 2015 10:00:00 -0400 Monday, March 30, 2015 as of 1:00 on Sunday