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The key to teaching kids to ski is to get on their level. Mar 21, 2018
The key to teaching kids to ski is to get on their level.
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Racing at Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods maintains several race courses, junior teams and leagues for skiers and riders who love ski racing.  For additional information regarding any of our race programs or offerings please call us at (603) 278-3320.

NEW FOR 2017/18! The Bretton Woods 50-50 Racers Club

As our little racers become not-so-little teenagers, their schedule starts to get overwhelming! Between school, indoor sports, and other extra-curricular activities, it can start to feel like something’s got to go! As a family resort, the coaching staff here at Bretton Woods completely understands and have come up with the perfect solution to keep your teens development on the slopes just as fast paced as their home life. Introducing the Bretton Woods 50/50 Racers Club.

The Bretton Woods 50-50 Racers Club is just like our weekend-long Alpine racing club except now you can choose between Saturday and Sunday! Your teen will still be able to compete in NHARA and USSA sanctioned events and they can still come every day during vacation and holiday periods. All the great benefits are included with only half the commitment. There are even convenient drop in rates if they are able to make any of the full weekends. No strings attached!

For more information please call 603.278.4422

Seasonal Training Schedule
  • Saturdays or Sundays November 25th, 2017 through March 18th, 2018
  • Daily December 27th, 2017 – January 1st, 2018
  • January 15th, 2018
  • Daily February 19th – 23rd & February 26th – March 2nd, 2018
  • Full Program: $1,200.00 per child
  • Drop In Day: $125.00 per day not included in package choice.*
    *Racer must be enrolled in full program to drop in on extra days.
Registration Details & Requirements
  • This program is for racers ages 15 and up*.
  • All athletes are required to wear a helmet (no soft ears).
  • All athletes must have USSA and NHARA membership if they are racing.
  • All participants must have a Bretton Woods season pass or day ticket to participate each day.
    *Ages based on skier’s current age as of January 7, 2018.
Recommended Equipment
  • GS skis
  • SL skis
  • SL protection gear
  • GS suit

2017/18 Bretton Woods Competition Center Programs

Bretton Woods is excited to offer Competition Center Programs for the 2017/18 winter season. These programs will introduce, develop and train aspiring racers. Additional season-long programs for juniors, including the Freestyle and Development Teams, are available as part of the Bretton Woods Ski and Snowboard School. For questions or more information regarding any of these junior programs please contact (603) 278-3320 or submit an online request for more information. 


U8 Program
(6-7 years old prior to 12/31/17)

Skiers ages 6-7 can enjoy our energetic and caring coaches with emphasis on fun. While teaching ski fundamentals, ski play is the name of the game. Kids are actively learning and exploring the mountain while learning the safety rules and how to become more independent from mom and dad. They meet in the same place as the older athletes and get dropped off for lunch with their parents.

WHEN: November 25, 2017 - March 18, 2018
TIME: Saturday 8:30 am - 2:30 pm; Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
COST: $1600


U10 Program
(8-9 years old prior to 12/31/17)

This program introduces children and parents to the world of racing and will focus on developing good skiing skills in a fun and safe environment. Our passionate coaches will lead the free skiing drills with a focus on ski fundamentals. We strongly believe that better skiers become better racers, following the philosophy of the US SKI Team. Athletes need to master skiing on all kinds of terrain and conditions before adding the tactics of running gates.  Therefore, the children in this program will be free skiing a lot. However, they will be introduced to short gates and get a taste of running slalom and giant slalom during the length of the season. Our 8 and 9 year olds will occasionally  traveling to other mountains for USSA races and skills camps supported by the USSA organization.

WHEN: November 25, 2017 - March 18, 2018
TIME: Saturday & Sunday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
COST: $1900


U12 Program
(10-11 years old prior to 12/31/17)

This program will continue to follow the progression still focusing on skill fundamentals, playing and skiing on different terrain. Stance, balance, turn shape and carving the ski edge to edge will be some of the goals for this age group. The concept of a proper line is taught while running Slalom and GS courses and starting to build awareness of trying to maintain the proper technique while applying tactics into a course.  Following the USSA guidelines we will be using brushes, short gates and build to regular course set on mostly mild terrain. These athletes will be participating in USSA/NHARA  open and qualifier races recommended by our experienced coaching staff.

WHEN: November 25, 2017 - March 18, 2018
TIME: Saturday & Sunday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
COST: $1900


U14 Program
(12-13 years old prior to 12/31/17) 

The 12 and 13 year olds are the age group in this program. It is important to keep working on their fundamental skills, best achieved in free skiing. A healthy mix of free skiing drills, in order to build and maintain good ski habits and gates are in focus. Through strong coaching leadership, a tiered platform will address new racers to the group. Traveling to other mountains will be encouraged but optional. This group will be racing in USSA open races as well as participating in "NHARA qualifiers". The coaches are fun and knowledgeable which makes it for a great learning experience. Using a journal is encouraged which helps athlete's awareness and ski with purpose. 

WHEN: November 25, 2017 - March 18, 2018
Time: Saturday & Sunday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm 
COST: $1900


U16-18 Program
(14-17 year olds prior to 12/31/17)  

Seasoned racers in this age group will continue to focus on high energy training, race skills, energetic free skiing and reaching personal goals. There will be participants that may be new to racing in this age group, still, and our dedicated coaches will be working with each individual on his/her specific needs to each athlete will be able to reach their personal potential. The athletes in this group will be training at Bretton Woods and traveling to USSA and NHARA competitions at other mountains supported by our coaches. While still working on basic technical skills, we are also offering opportunities to experience Super G training and racing.  

WHEN: November 25, 2017 - March 18, 2018
TIME: Saturday & Sunday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
COST: $1900 


Please Note

  • All participants must have a Bretton Woods season pass or day ticket to participate each day.
  • All programs will run daily during Christmas vacation (Dec. 27, 2017 - Jan. 1, 2018), MLK (Jan. 15, 2018) and Winter Vacation (Feb. 19-23, Feb. 26 - March 2, 2018).
  • Equipment Requirements: All athletes are required to wear a helmet (no soft ears). U12 and older racers must have an FIS approved helmet.
  • Recommended equipment U12 and older:  GS skis, SL skis, SL protection gear, GS suit.
  • All athlets must have USSA and NHARA membership if they are racing.
  • Rates and information subject to change without notice.