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Sep 2, 2015
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Repair Shop Services & Offers

The Rental and Repair Shop at Bretton Woods is here to outfit you with all the equipment you will need for a day on the slopes. Check out our rental rates, hi-performance demo rentals, and guide to renting. Reservations for rental equipment can be made online in advance. Reservations for rental equipment can be made online, for additional information please contact the Bretton Woods Rental Shop at (603) 278-3344.    



Located on the lower level of the base lodge, the Bretton Woods' full-service Ski and Snowboard Repair Shop at Bretton Woods features belt and stone grinds, base repairs and hot waxing. For the latest in state-of-the-art edge preparation, we have a Wintersteiger Ceramic Disk Edger, guaranteed to bring those old, rusty edges back to life.

Repair Shop Services & Offers

  • Quick Tune: $25
    This tune is a basic tune to get you back on the slopes quickly. It consists of a pass on the wet belt sander to clean the base, and then a pass on the wet belt edger to sharpen and then a pass on the belt waxer to help your equipment glide better. Finally tips and tails are finished to prevent hooking edges when you don't want to.

  • 5-Star Quick Tune Coupon: $90
    Get 5 Quick Tunes for the price of 4!

  • Full Tune: $50
    Skis/snowboards get a fresh wet sand base grind to clean and flatten the base, then a stone grind to polish, structure and flatten equipment that may be severely untrue. Then, the edges are sharpened and polished with a ceramic disc grinder to ensure great edge glide and grip. Next, they get a fresh coat of wax over the belt waxer. The last step is edge finishing to keep your tips and tail from hooking and grabbing.

  • Premium Wax Upgrade: $10
    Add a hand wax to either Full or Quick Tune for just $10!

  • Binding Mount or Remount: $30

  • Binding Adjustment & Test: $20