May 28, 2015
Trail riding in the big valley...
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Disc Golf

Head out behind the Bretton Woods Base Lodge, in the spectacular White Mountains of New Hampshire, for a fun 18-hole round of disc golf! Played much like traditional golf, players traverse a nine-hole course trying to make the fewest number of throws with discs of varying weights and sizes. Much like the way a set of golf clubs is used, one of the four discs is selected for each "shot," depending on the distance and wind. Package includes four discs, scorecard and carrying tote. Disc golf is recommended for groups of up to four players. For more information, please call the Adventure Center at (603) 278-3335.

Disc Golf Schedule

  • Courses are open May 23rd to October 12th as conditions warrant
  • Daily, 9 am to 4 pm

Disc Golf Rates

  • With Disc Rental- $12 per person, 18-holes
  • Bring your own Discs- $6 per person, 18-holes